Wednesday, June 26, 2013

a mango shaped space

Mia Winchell appears to be a normal girl. but she actually is not. she is a synesthete. she has been keeping this a very deep secret but when problems at school finally forces Mia to reveal her secret, she must learn to accept herself and embrace her ability, called synesthesia , a mingling of senses. she has tried so many times to stop it but she cant, will she do it with the help from her family and her beloved friends?

junie b. jones aloha ha ha

junie b jones is going on vacation to hawaii! and mr Scary is giving her a camera to take pictures! unfortunately, junie has to deal with so many problems in her vacation! dealing with all these problems< will her vacation be picture-perfect or a big disaster? find out by reading the book!

a little princess by Tania Zamorsky

Sara Crewe was a happy, young, imaginative girl until she turned eleven. Sara was a well-loved girl at miss minchins boarding school. her dad was rich and gave her everything she wanted. unfortunately, a surprise had come to her on her eleventh birthday, her dad is dead. miss minchin had thought that it would be better if Sara was just a servant. but she seems to live a happy life, find out the ending in a little princess!                                  

geronimo stilton: this hotel is haunted! book review

This book is written by Geronimo Stilton and this is where the story happened,
One day, when geronimo was working in his office, he found a mysterious letter telling him to go to the grand hotel in room 313. when he arrived at the hotel, he found out that the hotel was haunted! Guests were scurrying outside. when he arrive to room 313, he found his friend, hercule, in there. they decided that they would solve the mystery and will found out who the ghost is. at the end, they gathered up all the clues, only to that the grand hotel's director, Bertha Bigbottom was the ghost of the haunted hotel!

My opinion on this book is that its a really nice book... But there are some parts where you could expect/predict whats happening next. this book has some unexpected plot twists. 

I recommend this book to 1st-4th graders because it could really make them more interested in investigations. I highly recommend this book to be in every library there is. If you think this book is nice or awesome, i recommend you read other books by geronimo.